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REX 2023, by DormCon

First years, welcome to MIT, and welcome to DormCon REX! We hope you have a blast while getting to learn more about all of our awesome dorms.


All REX events can be viewed on the REX Events page, though physical REX booklets with the events are also available.

The REX Events page is a project of the DormCon Tech Chair. Please email all bugs and feedback to

REX 2023 runs from Sunday August 27, 2023 to Wednesday August 30, 2023, though some events may occur before and after these dates.

About REX

Residence Exploration, or REX, is a four day experience for first year students to explore MIT dorms and find their future home on campus. For those of you who haven't already decided where you're going to live, REX is the perfect time to explore MIT’s dorms and pick the place where you fit in best with the culture and residents. For the rest of you, REX is a great opportunity to find out about the different parts of campus that you otherwise might not experience. Most of all, REX is a time to enjoy yourself, meet as many people as possible, first years and upperclassmen, and get a feel for everything MIT has to offer.

If you have any questions about REX, email, and if you're experiencing an issue with the events website or you have any technical feedback, email

About FYRE

FYRE, the First-Year Residence Exchange, is a system that allows you to request to swap from your temp dorm into another dorm you'd prefer living in. Different people are drawn to different communities, and we want everyone to be placed where they'll be happiest. FYRE takes place at the end of REX, and FYRE will not move you without your consent—if you're interested in a different residence hall, we strongly encourage you to participate. You can find more information at

Who is DormCon?

MIT's Dormitory Council, or DormCon, is an elected group that represents dorm residents just like you and puts on awesome things like REX. If that's something you think you might be interested in, come hang out with us at our REX event! You can also check out our About page or come to one of our meetings.