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REX 2021, by DormCon

REX 2021 runs from Sunday, August 29th to Wednesday, September 1st. However, many REX events are happening outside these dates!


REX events are hosted by dorms and living communities and are open to all first years, sophomores, and others looking to learn more about MIT's residential communities. To access the full list of REX events, use this link or the button below.

All REX events this year will follow MIT's fall event policy. You'll need to sign in to every event you attend with your name, email address, and phone number, but this information will only be used for contact tracing.

About REX#

Residence Exploration, or REX, is a four day experience for first year students (and this year, sophomores too!) to explore MIT dorms to help their future home on campus. If this includes you, welcome to MIT! We hope REX helps you find your home here, and if you have any q]stions, email

If you're experiencing an issue with the events website or you have any technical feedback, email

Who is DormCon?#

MIT's Dormitory Council, or DormCon, is an elected group that represents dorm residents and puts on awesome things like REX. If that's something you think you might be interested in after REX, check out our About page or come to one of our meetings!