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Event Funding

Funding Guidelines#

DormCon is committed to supporting events in the dorm community through funding and advisory roles. As of fall semester 2017, the following funding guidelines were adopted; if you plan to apply for event funding, you must read these updated guidelines. Some important facts are noted below:

  • Funding applications must be submitted at least 48 hours before the meeting at which the application is to be discussed.

  • If possible, event applications should be submitted by the second DormCon meeting of the term. Up to 50% of event funds may be distributed at this time, with the remainder available for applications on a rolling basis.

  • The online application must be filled out for any events and a representative from the group will be contacted to attend a DormCon meeting as needed. Rolling events must be submitted three weeks prior to the event in order to allow sufficient time for DormCon review and potential approval.

  • No event will be funded beyond 50% of its total event budget.

  • Events must be classified into one of four categories; in general, preference will be given to events which are advertised to the entire dorm community and subsequently to those which are sponsored by multiple dorms. Events sponsored by (non-dorm) student groups are not eligible for funding.


To apply for event funding, please fill out our application.